Mark Brady Illustration

Good evening, hello. Welcome to the occassional blog of Mark J Brady, draw-er and typer, agent of the crown. At the risk of spoiling the magic, I am that man.

Seriously, thanks for taking a look. 2013’s certainly been an interesting year – met a lot fun people, done a lot of fun things. One fun thing in particular was updating this page, which I was sure no-one actually read. Thanks to the talented Chris Baldie for helping me see the error of my ways – your prize is in the post (hah! I didn’t even plan that to be a pun I didn’t plan it it just happened! No I know!).

In a kingdom of worst habits, my worst habit is certainly not updating my blog enough (that, and being too physically powerful). So, if you have internet access, why not follow me on twitter, (@HolidayPirate)? It can’t be the worst decision you’ve made today, and it’s free.

So yeah. Expect lots of bad-comedy technical missteps, shout-outs to some established and emerging super-talents, a frustrating upload schedule, and hopefully some work that might just bring you back. My door’s always open at, and my home address is something I can never remember. See you soon?


2 thoughts on “You Were Always

    1. Mark Brady says:

      Initially, I was all like “Of all the NERVE.” when I read your comment. But, it turns out you’re right! That ‘About’ page was like having a ” Beware: Plague” sign on my front door. Much obliged! My twitter is @HolidayPirate, I’ll certainly be hitting you with a follow (or just following you) when I get that part of the act together…

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