John Bercow – ‘What Were They Thinking?’


The now iconic Speaker of the Houses of Parliament agreed to step down following the successful ratification of the terms of our withdrawal from the European Union. Fortunately for John Bercow, this will probably neither never happen nor not never happen, so he could probably continue sitting where he is, quietly, without anyone noticing, forever.

Fortunately for everyone who doesn’t like him much, Bercow doesn’t do ‘sitting quietly’. Having turned the pronunciation of a single-word appeal for calm into a neon interjectionary swiss army knife, an equally colourful career on the European speaking circuit beckons. As does parliamentary oblivion if he tries sitting again (at least, if his friends and colleagues have their way).

So, for posterity, and before he’s replaced by the necessarily bland ‘quisling’/‘lunatic’ who gets dragged to the chair, the collected highlights of How Our Speaker Says ‘Order’, along with a hipster-reminder of his more obscure ‘Unlock’, and where exactly he’d like his statue.

Print available on Etsy

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