Fitting in at work is pretty important, especially when your place of work is a vast, labyrinthine dungeon, brimming with orcs. But when you’re an orc who doesn’t fit in – an orc who prefers sneaky traps over furious fist-fights, say – it takes a lot of teeth (and dare I say, adventure?) to make that all important career- change.


Trapped! is a fantasy adventure comic, with big scraps, cavernous environments, and perspectives both relatable and fantastical on office drama and orc-life drama (you decide which is which).

Written by Craig Collins (@CraigComicsEtc) and drawn by me, it’s very much a work in progress, but like all good adventures, it’s the journey that matters.

Well, in this case, not really – it’s the finished comic that matters. I just mean I’ll post regular updates. I hope you enjoy them. More to come!


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