Ales of the Unexpected

Since 2014, Ferment Magazine has been at the forefront of the independent brewing movement, championing new and growing names in craft beer & alcohol with articles and interviews from some of the scene’s best creatives.

In their wisdom, Ferment also gave mighty comics man Craig Collins (@CraigComicsEtc) and myself a home for our own collaborative madness, which emerged in the form of a monthly strip – Ales of the Unexpected.


In Ales, we very much enjoy exploring the widely varied ingredients that make up craft beer culture. We then use those ingredients ourselves, to brew up something … challenging, but tasty; something designed to linger in the memory.

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Deliberately fantastical, occasionally contemplative, gleefully grotesque, Ales is hopefully a comic that rewards the returning reader, new Craft converts and IPA enthusiasts alike, with a different flavour every month.


We’re hugely grateful to Ferment for giving us a place in their genuinely fantastic magazine. It’s a huge honour to share space with the amazing writers and designers who make the whole glorious thing happen, and to have our own odd, zesty cave in the big IPA adventure is a joy. Cheers!

You can follow Ferment Magazine @FermentHQ, or visit them at 

Explore the multi-talented Craig Collins’ prodigious body of work at,




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