Medieval Times


As we’re seemingly enjoying a resurgence in medieval attitudes and values, there’s never been a better time to have a good play around with our preconceptions, looking beyond the ideas that we take for granted.

With our new medieval mini-comic series, cult writer Craig Collins and I took the seemingly innocuous plastic knights and yoemanry of literally everyone’s childhoods and, after scrutinising their deeply emotive stances and barely visible expressions, speculated with *complete* accuracy on how the Medieval Times these men lived through would have made them tic, not to mention how their lives, beyond appearances,  might not have been so different to our own.


After a very healthy debut at last year’s Glasgow Comic Con, we had an incredibly nice review over at Broken Frontier – check it out here! And if you’re interested in grabbing a set, they’re available at the Collins’ Big Cartel store (along with other fine examples of his myriad brilliance)!


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