Yes Well.

You think something’s funny in your head, right? So you develop it, pencil it, it ends up all earnest and sincere. What do you do?

Noddy Comic

noddy reboot

Perhaps you scare up the background material you’d developed when at the peak of your mania, commit it to a layout – drawn and written – and pencil that too, before also digitally inking, shading and wording the thing? The you (obviously) lay each page onto one side of an A3 sheet of paper, just so, so that it folds open like a comic. Doing all that enables you to then pop the original ‘something funny’ pencil on the OTHER side of the A3, making it like a poster-comic that contextualises (and legitimises) the whole endeavour.

If you’re a complete fruitcake. Good job I steer well clear of that kind of stunt.

childrens comic

Noddy Reboot

Noddy Megaman x Enid Blyton BigEars




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