Police Post

Much of The Great Spectrum of Criminality goes unfictionalised. Shame, really. Stealing Broadband, popping a hand up a vending machine, jimmying manholes, car tipping …the world of small crime, shadow crime, and the guilt, hubris and paranoia that fuel and cripple it’s denizens , is vast and bountiful.

old printer head flower glue guy flame hands

Laying the roots of Lt. Taylor’s final night (an idea I’d drawn out a while ago) meant working up a few of the lighter-weight unlawfuls. Fun stuff, and it seemed a shame to just leave them lying on a page somewhere, criminal even (yes I did). So I worded them, even coloured them (yes I did). Look on, and lose forever a small, largely inconsequential amount of the peace of mind you will probably actually get back quite quickly.

fake signs placebo criminal monopoly house illegal kitchen freezer bags criminal letters puppet criminal criminal artist


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