Faulks x Blyton via Inafune (if only) in Pencil


You think something’s funny in your head, right? So you spend a few days playing withthe idea, then maybe 5 more pencilling it, and it ends up looking all…earnest. Like you sincerely thought a gritty time-skip Capcom-homage reboot of an (almost entirely) wholesome Enid Blyton property wasn’t at all an unusual thing to devote your time to. Like you mapped out the plot, sequel plots and character arcs, and even maybe had a playlist, a soundtrack you composed it all to.

That’s frustrating! But as an exercise in just-working-on-the-pencils-a-bit-more, I quite like the above. It’s a shame about having to burn it. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IRONIC! If anyone ever wants to know the plot, though, I have it here. In my heart.


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