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Mark Brady Cold war

Mark Brady Mark Brady

The above two pieces were printed into Brady-sized (ok, bigger-than-Brady-sized) banners, though I only ever exhibited the one on the left (the green one came out all…something). By way of context, the first depicts the ‘last days’ of print media, and specifically the last few years of the paperboy industry. As less people read newspapers, there are less opportunities for young paper-people, so competition for routes increases, things get desperate, etc. In part inspired by the collapse of Kodak Cameras who, rather than completely move away from film photography and focus entirely on digital lens patents, printing etc, persisted for years marketing film cameras that let you…take wider pictures. It’s easy to preach with hindsight, from the sidelines, but, well, it’s a shame. RIP Kodak.

The second is actually a tester image for a kids book I’m developing, which follows a protracted cold war between four villages, all of whom are competing for tourism. They can’t just go around openly shooting one another, though, so less conventional means are employed, including hypno-cannons, insulting balloons, and tanks that can shift your furniture slightly from seven miles away. I’m pretending that it’s an examination of the jealousy, distrust and second-guessing that trips us all up from time to time, but it’s really just an excuse to draw robo-foxes and ninja-businesswomen tripping people up from behind. Mr Shallow.


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