Technically Minded


An unusual strip from one of The Broons annuals. ‘The Broons’, for the unacquainted, focuses on the collective home-life of a huge Scottish family living in a tiny tenement flat. There’s a big emphasis on them being happy and content, but they really aren’t. They hate themselves. They bully each other for being ugly, fat, old or stupid. They’re all stupid. Storylines follow two basic paths – one of the family mishears something, everyone rushes to the wrong conclusion, the last panel is the family ‘hoho’ing when they realise their mistake (‘Granpa’s killed’/Granpa’s bought a kilt) OR one or more of the family try to give one or more of the family advice on something, and there’s some kind of ironic fallout (e.g. the twins get caught with knives, they get ‘telt aff’, the men of the house try to show them how dangerous knives can be, end up debating what the best way to use a knife is, end up stabbing one another, and everyone else ‘hoho’s). It never gets more complicated than that. It’s really quite brilliant.


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