Farewell, So Long, Lt. Taylor


Mark Brady Illustration

The dramatic end of a young thief wunderkind turned police lieutenant, who can’t resist bagging one last score – the Annual Criminal Interests and Ideas Workshop at the New Glorianne Imperial Hotel, along with every criminal in attendance! But will she end up having to nick herself? WILL SHE? No, probably not. Well, I’m not sure.

The above is an A3 ink-trial for a larger piece, kicking off a intermittent drawing project, something I’ll have happily bubbling away in the background for a while. It’s really just an excuse to do some collage style drawings and develop characters, ideas and a kind of micro-world. I’m aiming to produce small, self-contained narritives in single, high detail group pictures. Will I, though? WILL I? Yeah, probably! I’ll let you know.



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