Capcom Versus…

capcom versus

Yeah, well. Let me explain. The above is certainly quite difficult to explain – ‘acquired taste’ doesn’t quite do it, somehow – but it’s probably best described as a meeting of successful character franchises, only made possible by a Sunday afternoon when Sharpe wasn’t on*.

The “Why?!?” is trickier. I’ve quite a few sketchbooks on the go at any one time, so every once in a while you come across something that you’d completely forgotten about. Rediscovering the brief write-up for SFvsDA was one part ???, and one part !?!, but when you see how much love Capcom has for its own heritage, it’s difficult not to enjoy ‘riffing’ on that love.

It was also just boatloads of fun to do, so just you sit down. I may do this again. I obviously can’t promise anything, though, as the above could easily be construed as a cry for help / a precedent for a well-meaning-but-robust intervention. A separate blog would certainly give me the space to meditate further on what it was I was thinking, or taking, when I decided to do this. But where have you heard that before… 🙂

* Sharpe was on, but by 15:00 TV runs out of Sharpe and well anyway.

p.s. obviously, none of the Capcom illustrations used above are mine, nor are any of the photos of the Downton cast (…) . I certainly wouldn’t try to take any credit for them. What I do take credit for is my lining-up-internet’d-pictures skill. Learnt via correspondence course, worth almost all the fee.


3 thoughts on “Capcom Versus…

    1. Mark Brady says:

      Ah, she doesn’t look impressed because she knows she used to be at the top of the picture, but got shunted to the bottom due to matters of symmetry. She just doesn’t have the symmetry anymore. She’s a game old bird, though – you’ve got to give her that.

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