Bank Holiday Fun

It’s no longer a bank holiday (I think it finished last week at some point), but that doesn’t mean we can’t still upload our watercolours to the internet, right? While everyone – everyone! – was celebrating the Queen, I was drawing flowcharts. Who looks stupid now, eh? I have no flowchart Mark Brady

I’m not a big fan of hatred, though I guess it has it’s place. I’ve certainly always preferred it over an intense objective dislike, because that comes as a result of consideration. Hatred isn’t something you can really nullify, only suppress, which maybe makes it more acceptable – it’s not you’re fault, more the fault of some ancient mechanism knocking about back there. If I can allow myself one hatred (thanks), I’d say I hate the way I’ve written Hatred?! on the above flowchart. It looks like “Hatreo?!” which sounds like a Japanese sitcom.

rpg flowchart

And another. I don’t get quite as excited about videogames as I used to – it’s easy to look beyond the same recycled character and situational tropes if it’s all written well, but  the ‘underbelly’ premise adopted by a lot of the big current gen’ titles leaves me a little cold. Eastern games are just as bad – Nintendo rewrites the same core titles every 2/3 years, and it’s difficult to find an immersive stats title that doesn’t default on a cast of creepy wide-eyed fan-service moppets. It feels, despite the massive shift in the accepted user base in the last decade, a tiny bit embarrassing. Though I like games where I play as defense attorneys, so it could be more my problem than anything…

Mark Brady


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