Mark Brady

I had a notion to create a few mail-related advert-aping strips a while back, but at the time thought they were a bit hysterical. The Post Office really is changing, though, and no slightly washed out looking jpgs will halt that. It’s a shame, because, while differently coloured postboxes would be fun, and uncrumpled important documents not jammed sideways in my letterbox on a Friday would also be nice, I’ve honestly never had a problem with Royal Mail et al. Different coloured postboxes though, eh? I’m trying not to go off on one about my scanner but it’s hard, but I know it’s my fault. Come on, leave it, move on…

post it

More relatives for trade. We used to operate a loaning system, but we found that loan relatives were often returned in bad condition, or missing something. Sometimes it would be the wrong relative! You can’t just swop relatives! That kind of practice went all gauche in the dark ages…

cartoon panels

Some panels! I’m sure there have been thousands of jokes made about muggers setting up direct debits, but I couldn’t be sure, so…. Well, I could’ve checked Google (like I did with a Moses/Tablet PC strip that proved to be Not Remotely Inspired) but, well, it was over there, and I was over here, and y’know.

flowers & wine

Have I complained enough about my scanner yet? Well, check out this complaint. I own several colours of jumper – P Diddy once mused “I’m almost known, for the different colours of jumper I own”, and I said “Me too!”  –  but I don’t own a jumper of the colour above. It’s true! The BooHoo, meanwhile is in reference to how I often don’t look like I’m enjoying myself, when I secretly am. But shh! That’s just between us, right? It’s the secret of my power, and it should probably stay that way.


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