Mark Brady

Join me, as this week’s personal blog takes in my initial leaden attempts to make good on the marketed potential of the Epson Perfection V33 home scanner. I was so smug – I dismissed my old combi-printer scanner as outdated, embarrassing even, believing without authority that my new technology would bring out the previously unseen dimensions in my jottings, the dimensions that the old stuff hadn’t the bits to recognise. So far, it’s not really been quite like that. Give it time, give it time…

Anyway. You might notice a few olympic mascot ideas above. I think we need to stop expecting too much from sporting mascots – they’re only really good for running in big fun runs and falling over. They’re either shunned for being too conventional – witness the catastrophic financial failure that was the Germany 2006 World Cup mascot lion Goleo (and his disturbing talking football/head, Pille) – or shunned for being too wacky, not mascot enough and “how much did they spend drawing that I could draw that” etc. The only plausible exception would be Ciao, the Italia 90 mascot – the stuff of nightmares.

Mark Brady

Being almost entirely cubic would mean his motions and movements would be rigid and unnatural – seeing him move would be quite a disturbing thing. And how do you make a cubic man mascot-loveable and charming? Here’s one attempt…

Mark Brady

I think that was the best they could do. Brilliant, look at him flailing around, over what looks like the earth, made out of flags. Terrifying. Moving on.

post it

Double relatives, but it’s not a two for one thing, we just have surplus. It might end up being a two for one thing, though, so I’d hurry up if I were you.

And what’s with the blue background?! You read the over-worded scanner whine at the top, right? My scanner was just being keen. My scanner likes seeing blue where there is no blue. That’s great!

Mark Brady

& the usual strips. Mary Poppins is a bit like Ciao, in that it’s quite disturbing. Not all of it, obviously, but the bit with the chimney sweeps always left me feeling a little unsettled. Maybe I hadn’t expected them all to be so organised – they could rise up at any moment! It was most likely their fluid movements and rictus grins, that probably bore no relation to the life of a real sweep. How many people chose sweepery (?) as a career, believing it would be a life of choreographed dancing and invisible staircases? Probably none. Let’s leave it there. Have a great month!


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