sketch book

Hello! I was up all night last night (easy now) watching the results of the local council elections (told you not to get excited), so I don’t have the power to write quite so much about myself, even with my vast reserves of spare power in play. Above is this week’s sketchbook page, featuring… well, maybe a disturbing amount of fists and skulls? I don’t know what’s going on there. The expy thug has an important message, though, so I suppose it’s fine. I like to think that there are some sensations in accountancy though I suppose joy maybe wouldn’t be one HAHA that was very cheap, and I didn’t really mean it. Sorry though.

post it notes

Relatives for exchange! We’re not accepting any more grans, unfortunately. I’ve noticed recently that there seem to be more old women than old men, in general. Is that just me? Probobly, is most likely just where I live. It’s gran central up here. It’s like central statidoesn’t work.


Neither do any of these! Nah, they’re fine, though I messed up the ink washing on the two to the top right. C’est la vie. I’m not sure the one about the parking ticket was even actually a joke, I’ll have to check. Is there a problem with appeals over parking tickets at the moment? Like I said, I’ll have to check. Enjoy your weekend!


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