Kim Jong Un Mark Brady

I wouldn’t try any of the odds above in any roadside betting booth or gambling place, if I were you. I did briefly consider actually phoning Will’m Hill and asking for numbers, but I figured they would consider it ‘not serious’. Still, nothing ventured… well, except for that rocket launch. Did you see it? Very poor. He should’ve just gone down the beach with all the other amateur rocketeers with their £1500 one-use rocket kits. You really have to admire them. I mean, why bother throwing money away (as in betting, as in above) when you could just launch it into space. Romance!

Sketch Book

This week’s ‘a sketchbook page’ – nothing much, though you may notice an abundance of angry looking folk in florid hats. I’m not really too sure, either. Also in evidence, a few early ideas for a twitter avatar, for an account designed to impersonate the Neighbourhood Watch. I’m not sure how to do this without ending up in court. Maybe I shouldn’t. Yeah, I probably shouldn’t.

Post It Note

This week’s Relative Exchange relatives. I’ve had a few enquiries from folk looking to trade some furniture and household goods for relatives, though that’s not a service we provide. I have an analogue tv and a few old cd players, but you can have them for free if you want. I still don’t have a great scanner, so if you’re offering no no it’s fine no I wasn’t being serious no really I can buy one myself SERIOUSLY it’s fine. Thanks though.

how to avoid paying tax on your trust fund

road sign signpost Mark Brady

& the usual panels. After doing last week’s in straight up pen-and-ink (fancy!), going back to digital was a bit weird, my hand was a bit off (grow up). That trust fund guy’s arms are a bit mental, right? At this point, I’d also usually say something unkind about my sense of humour, but I’d better be getting on. You’re at liberty to do so yourself don’t you even dare though because I’ll know. Bye!


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