Hunger Games Holiday Fun

Holidaying a while back, I picked up the first of the Hunger Games YA books (because nothing gets you in the holiday mood like a story about young people being forced to murder one another, even though I was holidaying in Italy), which I obviously enjoyed a great deal. Despite it being quite a disturbing read, the world-building left plenty open doors, hence the strips below. Avast! There may be spoilers, so if you’re a film fan only (I’ve actively tried to avoid all the promos and casting photos to avoid it influencing my own tepid imaginings, btw!), you might want to bookmark this, and come back in 3 or 4 years. DO IT! Do it now.

Hunger Games Cinna Designs Mark Brady

I’m sure Cinna slipped up a few times, at least once or twice. I’d certainly have difficulty not interpreting the Mockingjay costume very literally, at least initially. And I’d certainly be drawing LASER NOISE and EXPLOSION at the side of each sketch. Like a massive child. If Big Bird called you to revolt, you’d answer the call, right?

President Snow Hunger Games Mark Brady

Hoho! President Snow. Tch, what’re you like? What a rascal. I certainly hope, when some of his ‘secrets’ came out, a few of them were suitably banal, like he ‘couldn’t bear to get rid of his Transformers duvet’ or ‘he likes rollerblading in his pants’. Well, that last one isn’t really that banal, but you get me. Saddam Hussein, for example, was a big fan of Quality Street and PG Tips. True. It’s details like that that make mass-murderers more disturbing, because if we can relate to them on the Quality Street level (not PG Tips though – I mean, really?), it makes the mass-murderer part of them less distant, and yet even more unrelatable. Etc. If this subject interests you, why not try ‘the banality of evil’, as if you weren’t aware of that already… But yeah, despite the movie casting, I couldn’t help but picture Snow as a kind of dystopian Noel Edmonds. Admit it, he’s half way there already. Yeah!

Hunger Games Finnick Mark Brady

I mean, yeah – Katniss is technically ‘of age’ when she first meets Finnick, and there’s certainly an ulterior motive for the advance, but .. well, all the talk of sugar and secrets made me go all Daily Mail (the high-pitched ‘Hands Off the Children!!’ Daily Mail, I mean, not the ‘Isn’tAll Grown Up Now?’ Daily Mail). I decided not to draw the knot is his costume where the narrative suggested, but I maybe should’ve moved the ‘sugar cube’ speech bubble up a bit, as much for Finnick’s reputation as anything. Moving on…

Hunger Games Peeta Camouflage Cake

And finally. Not my favourite strip, but I enjoyed depicting the true application of Peeta’s Advanced Frosting skills. You really wouldn’t go near a massive cake in the arena, would you? You’d expect it to be a trap. But once seen, it’d haunt your sleep, especially if you hadn’t eaten for a while. Tch, he missed a trick alright. I haven’t quite finished the third book yet, though, so I’m hoping it might make an appearance.  I’m sure it will. Totally.


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