Frog Watercolour Mark Brady

Drawingxwatercolouring stylized frogs is pretty relaxing work – if you ever decide to take up this line of things, I’d recommend it. I can’t really post too much of what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks without my client’s permission, but as an aspiring children’s writer, she’d probably just turn my sort-of-thievery into a colourful moral tale, which would be as much as I deserved. As long as I’m transposed into the story as a lazy wise cracking stork (robo-stork?), maybe with an eyepatch (maybe with a gun) I’d be fine with that.

Hey, I should write children’s books! Right? What?!


relative exchange postits post it Mark Brady

More Relative Exchange relatives-for-exchange. If you have any relatives you’d like to exchange, it’s so easy – just send a stamped self-addressed envelope to the usual address (y’know, that one), and we’ll (I’ll) send you a brochure. Don’t send any actual relatives, we can’t guarantee lodging or any discernible quality of life.


wedding photography cartoon strip Mark Brady

& the usual Sunday stuff. I’m looking into getting a new scanner (and a joke writer, you say?! Excuse me! I think you’ll find when a joke is pretty smug and unfunny, it’s called satire. Yeah. Shows how much you know, chum.), the above panels are again a little washed and gray in comparison with their physical sources. Can you get excited about scanner shopping? Yes. Yes you can. I’m not sure whether Which? Magazine will have me back, though, it all ended so badly last time…


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