Mark Brady Sport

Mark Brady trophie trophies watercolour

You might’ve heard (how couldn’t you?), but I’ve been on holiday. Holidays are important, and it’s important to observe them. As such, no sunday panels were produced either last sunday, or the sunday prior. You’ll cope, right?

What I did do (beyond the usual sketch pages, of which the appropriate evidences are provided below) was get a bit riled about ‘achievements’. Not to be confused with actual achievements, ‘achievements’ are almost entirely part of the videogaming experience. It does depends on the game, but a 30 minute iphone app I completed a few days ago commended me on my ability to complete the training level, 5 levels of the game, and then the game itself. Fine, i guess. It then also tried to cajole me into Buying Everything in the Game, Complete the Game without Reading Anything (really), and Earn Over $1 Million before Completing the Game, an ‘achievement’ that would no doubt come in handy if anyone ever doubted my breadwinning credentials.

Way back when, you barely received a thank you for finishing a game – a poorly rendered bitmap image of what the main character looked like at sunset was usually your reward. I’m not sure what I think about a society that seems increasingly inclined to ask for apologies and resignations, but if the trend for requiring acknowledgement for slight proficiency spills over into everyday life, I’m not sure how I’ll cope. Hence yesterday’s piece, posted above. I’m pretty sure I’ll return to this at some point.


Mark Brady post its postit

Also way back when, I produced a regular series of illustrations depicting individuals and relatives up for trade or exchange, cleverly titled “The Relative Exchange” (I know! Tell me about it!). You must have had relatives or friends who it would’ve been nice to trade for someone else, right? Well, I didn’t – I’m not a monster. I also didn’t have a clue, period, so the Relative Exchange languished in an all-purpose blog that no-one ever really saw. That really hasn’t changed, but I do have the ability to produce more than one blog now, so you might see it in its own unsympathetic environment pretty soon.


Mark Brady sketchbook

Mark Brady sketchbook

Mark Brady sketchbook

And the usual sketchbook stuff. The latter two pages are particularly sketchy – I was on the bus or some other excuse. Sometimes it’s a bit of a toss-up between getting ideas down quickly, or taking your time and making them presentable. Both approaches have their merits, but the first sketch page is from a Nice Sketchbook, hence the Nice(r) Lines. No hurrying in the good sketchbook. The middle sketch on the first page isn’t autobiographical, by the way. Just so you don’t worry.

Mark Brady Sport


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