In what’s becoming an example of ‘form’, Sunday’s strips/panels are here, presented to you on Wednesday. What may be unfamiliar is the inclusion of colour. I guess you can’t really say too much about the colour wheel & it’s 5-a-day cousin without mentioning their employment of Big Colours. The colour wheel in particular is designed to be understandable on a subliminal level, which is why each piece of packaging ends up being a very visible battle between the FSA and Unsympathetic Conglomerate X. Tiny colour wheels, entirely red colour wheels placed on pictures of tomatoes. Pizza boxes are always good value, with the meal inside divided into increasingly absurd portions – an ‘eighth’ and a ‘helping’ have both been evidenced. ‘Contact with…’ and ‘Complaining about…’ are units that are probably being discussed right now you see if I’m wrong YOU JUST wait.


It’s always interesting to look back on a period of loose penmanship and see what motifs kept popping out. I’ve gone through phases of ‘accidentally’ continually drawing classic telephones, unusual animal helmets (the hat variety, please) and businessmen, among other things. The above sketch page clearly indicates a desire to get faces ‘right’, even if those faces don’t really exist (which is a whole other planet of fun chat). I’m sure someone could inaccurately pyschoanalyse the tendency for me. I heard a chap on Radio Two the other day analyse a woman’s dream, where she was being pursued by the FBI. Mr Dreamcracker (not his name) identified a desire for acceptance and recognition in the women’s nocturnal imaginings. She then divulged that she’d been watching CSI the night before.


Barristas Tea Coffee Wall Seats That Kind Of Thing

Usually, strips and drawings from even a few months previous carry a kind of crumbly shame – the timing is out, the dialogue unnatural, the fad for copying and pasting panels obvious. The above is actually from a few years ago, and though the lines and the palette aren’t great, and the positioning of some of the later dialogue a little confusing, i still liked it when I came across it in my zip-drive the other day. The kids on DeviantArt liked my… (sigh) Professor Layton strips a whole lot more, though. Stupid kids.


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