David Murray George Clooney Falklands

This weekend’s panels, brought to you on Wednesday. Featuring a pretty poor likeness of George Clooney, and a rude word. I was also in the process of drawing a strip featuring Thomas the Tank Engine as a cramped commuter train (‘ “You think you’re finding it cramped in there?” said Thomas.’ HAHA *sobs*), but I abandoned it, for the reasons implicitly described in the previous brackets. Plus, Thomas deserves respect, if only because it had the brass to just slap a slightly too detailed face on an incredibly detailed piece of machinery, and somehow make it work. Not an easy thing to pull off.

Mark Brady Digging Machine Face Thomas Engine


Mark Brady Sketchbook

More while-I’m-biscuiting sketchbook work. I hope to God ‘biscuiting’ isn’t some dodgy underground term. … A quick internet check reveals that it is, in fact, slightly inappropriate. Start again.

More while-I’m-eating-biscuits sketchbook work. I particularly like ‘Choose Your Favourite’, there’s so much novelty democracy out there, which would be fine if it weren’t aimed at adults and adults didn’t take to it with such aplomb. More to follow, surely.


Mark Brady Cakes Party

Write what you know, right? The above is practice for submissions to a greetings card company, who only take samples in traditional media. On reflection, my colour range could do with a little expanding (the ubiquitous brown is probably the same one largely evidenced in the Scottish diet), but that just gives me more excuses to draw partying cakes. What’s that? You’re surprised that a powerful (and charming!) man like me would do something unmanly like watercolouring cakes? Seriously. What could be more manly than watercolouring partying cakes?

Mark Brady Birthday Ninjas

Watercolouring partying birthday ninjas! Yeah!


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