I suppose it would be easy to look at the above cartoons and think “well, that wasn’t very hard, was it?”, and you’d be right. It wasn’t very hard, at least in the grand tradition of very hard things (easy, ladies), like building a train station or passing an exam. I’d presume that you’re talking about drawing the cartoons, as opposed to posting them. But no, not very hard. No? Well, actually, a little. My fear of spiders comes and goes – ups and downs, smiles and frowns – but drawing one was still a challenge. I was generally fine – I was, after all, the master of his spidery being. If he got too ‘much’, I could Ctrl+Z him back into the ether. I was generally fine, but every once in a while, the spider panic would set in, usually triggered by something – the shape of a leg, the shading on it’s back (you’ll notice it’s not very good, it was performed with some haste), the positioning of it’s desk. Unusually, the actual drawing was a relatively easy hurdle to hurdle- it was the colouring that brought the sweat. It’s all good now. Though you should also know that the space above its 4 eyes was originally earmarked for 2 bigger, blacker eyes, which would most likely have provided an irresistible portal into the infinite blackness of his spider heart. One step at a time.



As a man with access to pens (which no doubt raises me in your estimations somewhat), I very often scribble thoughts and junk on cheap recycled paper, usually when I’m having a cup of tea or something (don’t you hate it when you go into a cafe and you ask for a cup of tea and they give you a literal cup of tea, as opposed to a mug, like “here’s your cup, your highness”? I’d cause a scene, if I could). I often uses sketches like these as mental triggers for bigger ideas, though I’m not sure if I ever entirely worked out what ‘Lovely Pony’s Secret Ambition’ really was.


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