Drawing a strip about toys from the 1980’s was an unusual experience. As a period in time, it’s so over-referenced in popular culture that it feels vaguely embarrassing to talk about. Like when your niche interest becomes temporarily super-popular, before being jettisoned in favour of someone else’s niche interest, there’s not really much you can do with the husk that remains, other than set it on fire or bury it in the garden. The generally untaxing nature of the pure source material (cartoons about cars that can fly by opening the driver and passenger side doors, or the United States fighting robots in space, aided by magnets) make it all the more off-putting. Besides, you really should be reading, or getting some fresh air. But those same slightly absurd properties disguise cleverly calculated mental backflips, I think – the fact that we remember them at all is some evidence of that. Speculating out loud the processes of thought that went into creating a He-Man character shouldn’t be done in front of loved ones, or those who may seek to take advantage of any of your misfortunes. What I’m saying is: though I don’t buy toys, at all, there’s scope to ramble about the concept development involved. It’s something I’ll enjoy, no doubt.

I promised myself I’d upload my Sunday cartoons, every Sunday, which I have failed to do. Now isn’t really the time to hold a grudge against myself (I have to work together with me…for now), what I’ll do is just upload them and try and loosen up a bit. Jeez. The Garrow’s Law cartoon is in there, and it’s not very good.


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